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There are a lot of colleges in Florida. It's a popular state for young students in the southeast USA to move to. There are many colleges to choose from, from expensive schools such as University of Miami all the way down to inexpensive local community colleges.

Business is one of the most popular areas of study and Florida has several good colleges you can enroll at. If Florida doesn't work for you, South Carolina is another popular option. It certainly has fewer colleges to choose from, but is still a popular option.

The state with the most college students -- California -- has a lot of options you may want to consider as well. It might be quite a trek to get there and back, but it might be worth it. Learn more about it.

Culinary arts students don't have as many options as most students do. There aren't many good schools outside of the major cities. There are a few online classes you can take, but cooking is a hands-on learning specialty.

But in the area of restaurant management, culinary students have more choices. Some of these classes are easily taught via online courses. Business, health codes and running a restaurant can be learned though online classes.

One of the strongest employment fields this decade is technology. Information technology graduates often have their pick of job offers. Plus, advancement options are good as well. IT is not for everybody, but if you have a knack for it, it can be a great option.

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