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Students all over the country have a wide range of options for schools. These options could be traditional campus-based colleges or online institutions. Students in cities such as Portland or states like Indiana have their pick of education choices.

A lot of students choose a business major. And there are several concentrations in business they can decide upon.

Students can major in accounting (which typically requires so many credits that you won't need a minor degree in order to graduate), finance, human resources management, information technology management, marketing, management, or all-around business administration. A good business school will have a thorough candidate recruitment and job placement service that will help you get summer internships and your first job.

If you already have your bachelor's degree in business, you can enroll in an MBA class either locally or online, or if you have the desire and the ambition, you can earn an MBA degree which will typically take you several years if you do it on a part-time pace while you keep your current job.

Some students enroll in an MBA program right after earning their bachelor's degree, so they can often get their master's diploma in as little as 12 months.

You could also consider something a little off the beaten track. Something like actuary science. Once you pass your actuary exams, you can find a job at several different places, but most likely it will be at the home office of a big insurance company. Learn more about it.

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